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Category: Software | Date: 21-Dec-2014
Tidal.Pool.MacProxy.v3.0.7.MacOSX.Incl.Keymaker-CORE | 2.8 MB

MacProxy provides system-wide network proxy support for the Mac. It forwards network traffic from applications that do not support proxies and avoids complex setup for applications that do. MacProxy allows you to surf the internet from behind a firewall, connect securely when using public WiFi networks, and navigate the internet without being tracked.
Create profiles which include proxies, rules, and DNS settings. Profiles may be imported and exported (XML) so they can be shared with others. MacProxy supports a variety of SOCKS and HTTP proxy protocols, integrated SSH tunnel support, and proxy chains. Add rules that specify which proxy to use, connect directly, or block the connection.

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Category: Software | Date: 21-Dec-2014
iResizer v3.0 Mac OS X | 10.8 MB

iResizer scale an image without changing important visual content such as people, buildings, animals, etc. While normal resizing affects all pixels uniformly when scaling an image, iResizer resizing mostly affects pixels in areas that do not have important visual content.
iResizer lets you shrinking or enlarging images to improve a composition, fit a layout, or change the orientation.
iResizer is a handy way to resizing images non uniformly while preserving the key features of the picture. iResizer avoiding distortion of the important parts of the image. It also can be used to remove portion ot the image in a consistent way. For example, you can turn a landscape picture into a square picture and close up the space between people in a image if they are a long way apart. It also works in reverse and you can use it to make an photo larger.

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Category: Software | Date: 21-Dec-2014
PhotoLine 18.53 Multilingual + Portable
PhotoLine 18.53 Multilingual + Portable | 46.7 MB
PhotoLine is a full featured image editor with support for text, vector and image layers. In addition to the standard editing features, it supports 16 bits per channel, CMYK and Lab as well as color management with ICC profiles. The include image browser supports IPTC and EXIF data display and editing, batch conversion, HTML gallery output, batch renaming and more.

View & Download PhotoLine 18.53 Multilingual And Portable | Uploaded | Rapidgator

Category: Software | Date: 21-Dec-2014
Altera Quartus II 14.1 | 14.4 GB

Altera Corporation released its Quartus II software version 14.1 featuring expanded support for Arria 10 FPGAs and SoCs, the FPGA industry's only devices with hardened floating point DSP blocks and the industry's only 20 nm SoC FPGAs that integrate ARM processors.

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Category: Software | Date: 21-Dec-2014
Fat.Cat.Software.PlistEdit.Pro.v1.8.1.Bilingual.MacOSX.Incl.Keymaker-CORE | 5 MB

PlistEdit Pro is the most advanced property list editor written for Mac OS X. Mac and iOS developers must edit a variety of property list files while developing their applications. PlistEdit Pro makes editing these files easier by providing an intutive and powerful interface. In addition to being able to copy and paste or drag and drop property list data around, PlistEdit Pro also offers powerful find and replace functionality, as well as structure definitions which provide easy access to commonly used keys in various standard property list files.
Power users can also benefit from PlistEdit Pro's preferences browser, which allows easy access to property lists used by OS X to store settings on your system. Browse through your preferences, or search an entire folder of plist files at once for a particular key or value. PlistEdit Pro also enables automation of tasks involving property lists, via its Applescript support and its pledit command line tool.

View & Download PlistEdit Pro 1.8.1 Bilingual Mac OS X | Uploaded | Rapidgator

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